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    Emsisoft Emergency Kit

    Alokik Yadav Admin
    Alokik Yadav Admin

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    Emsisoft Emergency Kit

    Post by Alokik Yadav Admin on Mon Mar 04, 2013 4:20 pm

    Emsisoft Emergency Kit

    Emsisoft Emergency Kit
    Emsisoft Emergency Kit contains technology Emsisoft Anti-Malware, which currently are among the best in the field of scanning, and is distributed free of charge.

    The kit consists of 4 programs:
    Emsisoft Emergency Kit Scanner
    Emsisoft Commandline Scanner
    Emsisoft HiJackFree
    Emsisoft BlitzBlank

    These programs provide reliable detection and removal of malicious software.
    Emergency Kit can resist the virus and be run from any removable media such as USB or CD-ROM without installing.

    Additional Information:
    Fans of our free product will be very happy: The latest, revised version of Emsisoft Emergency Kit 2.0 - this is the first portable malware scanner with dual-core technology. Emergency Kit can resist the virus and be run from any removable media such as USB or CD-ROM without installing.

    Features Emsisoft Emergency Kit 2.0:
    Free dual scan technology, awarded many times in various tests.
    More than five million signatures, with hourly updates (if by hand) to provide a high level of detection and protection.
    On average, a 450% scan rate faster than previous versions, thanks to optimization of scanning technology and a completely redesigned detection technology.
    Less resource consumption due to improved program code.
    Enhanced detection of rootkits by directly accessing the disk.
    The new internal evaluation system to reduce false positives.
    Emsisoft Emergency Kit 2.0 is free for private use. For professional users, we recommend low-cost license Helpdesk, as well as the Emergency USB drive for $ 25 including shipping worldwide.

    Emsisoft Emergency Kit Scanner
    With Emsisoft Emergency Kit Scanner you'll have a powerful scanner Emsisoft, including the graphical user interface. Detects viruses, trojans, worms, bots, dialer and other malware.
    Start Emsisoft Emergency Kit by double-clicking on the a2emergencykit.exe. Found viral software can be quarantined or deleted.

    Emsisoft Commandline Scanner
    This scanner provides similar functionality to the Emergency Kit Scanner, but has no graphical interface. This utility is especially designed for experienced users.
    To start Emsisoft Commandline Scanner, follow these steps:
    - Open a command prompt Windows (Run: cmd.exe)
    - Switch to drive USB-drive (for example, f:), and then the folder with the executable files (for example, cd run)
    - Run the scanner by entering: a2cmd.exe
    Next, you will see an assistant with the description of all parameters.
    Here is a sample scan of drive C: c: \ skaniroevaniem with memory, registry data, and Cookie, heuristics enabled and support files. Malware found is placed in quarantine.
    a2cmd.exe / f = "c: " / m / t / c / h / a / q = "c: \ quarantine "

    Emsisoft HiJackFree
    HiJackFree helps advanced users to detect and remove viruses on their own. With this utility you can control all processes, services, startup, open ports, plug-ins for browsers, LSP and host file entries.

    Emsisoft BlitzBlank
    BlitzBlank - a tool for more experienced users, and for those who have to deal with viruses almost daily. It helps to remove the files, the data in the registry. All of this is to boot the system.

    Self assembly Emergency USB stick
    Expand the contents of Emsisoft Emergency Kit and create your own USB-drive for the cleaning and removal of viral infection.


    Download Emsisoft Emergency Kit (221.770 KB)

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